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What we do

We breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. All of our breeding pairs have been carefully selected and have the best US and imported bloodlines. Our breeding pairs have OFA's (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) done yearly to make sure they are cleared for congenital defects and genetic abnormalities. The OFA is done by an Ophthalmologist for eyes and a Cardiologist for heart. DNA testing is also completed. 

How we raise our pups

All of our dogs have free reign of our home and property. We do not raise our dogs in cages. Our fur babies sleep with our children and with us. All pups are birthed in my bedroom and will stay in my room for a number of weeks until I feel they are ready to move to the puppy room located next to my bedroom. After you pick out your puppy, you will receive regular pictures of your baby so you can watch him/her grow. Also, if you would like, I am willing to set up Face time or Skype so you can see your baby in action.

Cavalier Care 

Despite their beautiful coats, Cavaliers do not require a great amount of care. They need to be brushed out once a week or so, to prevent mats and bathed every couple of weeks. Cavaliers must be raised as a house pet and kept inside with you and your family. If this does not fit your lifestyle then this breed is not for you. Cavaliers cannot tolerate extreme weather, which is why they are inside dogs. They want nothing more than to be with the people they love.  

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of a King Charles Cavalier 

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